Core Services

  • Independent Directorship

    Our experienced professionals provide director services on a highly discretionary basis to a range of entities, with a particular focus on alternative investment funds, insurance companies and related entities. We will only accept a limited number of directorships to ensure expected levels of service are maintained and to meet industry best practice on corporate governance.

    Our commitment is to real substance and valuable expertise to give you meaningful directorship services. We encourage regular direct contact with our clients as we believe this fosters effective oversight of a company’s actions.

    We do not, however, limit the circumstances in which we will accept directorships and we will consider appointments in distressed entities, entities in administration and entities in liquidation. For us these entities are no different and the same ethos applies…. How can we add value!

  • Fund/Company Set-up

    Where desirable or preferable we can be engaged to offer assistance with the set-up of your offshore structure. Employing our years of experience and tapping into our network of relationships, we can lead a project from inception to realization or simply contribute in specific areas. In either instance we are confident we can demonstrate value.

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